Summer Spooky Collection-3
Summer Spooky Collection-3
Summer Spooky Collection-3
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Summer Spooky Collection-3

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Here are our newest Summer Spooky Collection bundles. These are ready to press or apply depending on the item you are purchasing. No weeding needed they are ready to go.



  • Full Color
  • No Weeding 
  • Ready to Apply


  • DTF Transfer vary from 3.5" up to 13" Wide
  • 16oz Glass Can Lid 2.76" Wide
  • 16oz Glass Can Decal 4" High
  • 16oz Glass Can Wrap & Sublimation Cup Wrap Size 9.5" x 4.3" 
  • 20oz Tumbler Wrap 8.2" x 9.3"



UV Wraps & Lid Decal-

  • Please use soap and water when cleaning your cups to remove any dirt or oils. Using alcohol is not recommend for UV Wraps.
  • Can be used on glass, plastic, windows, mirrors, ceramic..
  •  Use a squeegee and firm pressure when applying the UV Wraps
  • When peeling the clear film do it slowing to make sure everything adheres properly.

DTF Transfers-

  • Recommend to use a heat press for DTF Transfers
  • Pre-press garment for 10-15 seconds using your heat press to remove any moisture.
  • Place the DTF Transfer on garment image face up.
  • Press at 300 for 10 seconds using firm pressure (EasyPress or Home Iron is not recommended)
  • Remove garment off the press and allow it to cool down before peeling the film.
  • Place garment back on the press cover image using butcher paper or uncoated parchment paper and repress for 10 seconds.

Sublimation Transfers (Clothing)

  • Pre-press your garment for 10-15 seconds (Clothing)
  • Temp: 385 to 400 degrees  - Press for 60 seconds For (Clothing)
  • Cover with parchment paper. Top , Bottom and inside of shirt.
  • Required material that is at least 50% polyester. The higher the count the brighter the image will be. 

Sublimation Transfers for Tumblers/Glass Can-

  • Table top Convection Oven:  385°F - 400°F for 5-7 min (time and temp can vary adjust as needed)
  • Mug Press: 385°F - 400°F for 2-4 min . (time and temp can vary adjust as needed)
  • Light to Medium Pressure
  • For use with a mug press or in a convection oven (Do not use these items in your home oven or microwave) 
  • Do not put in dishwasher




  • Colors can be slightly off from one monitor to another.
  • Cups & Garments not included
Please Note:  
Not all brands of 16 oz. glass cups have the exact same measurements. They can differ by a couple of millimeters. Our wraps have been measured to fit the 16oz glass cans. 

 We are not responsible if damaged when applied incorrectly during application. Please make sure you are following the instruction provided to you for our products.